French official examination


French official examination

Get your French skills recognized internationally

We are the official examination center in Ethiopia for the exams indicated below.

All of our courses prepare our learners for those internationally recognized qualifications. Students from other institutions are also welcome to take those exams at the Alliance française.

Successful candidates will be awarded certificates or diplomas issued by The French Ministry of Education (operated by CIEP - Centre international d'études pédagogiques).

1st session

  • Registrations: 11th February to 24th February
  • Exam: 2nd of March (written) and 16th March 2019 (Oral)

2nd session

  • Registrations: 13th of May to the 26th of May
  • Exam: 1st June (written) and 15th of June (Oral)

3rd session

  • Registrations: 11th of November to the 24th of November
  • Exams: 30th of November (written) & 14th of December (Oral)